1Q. What are the minimum requirements needed to buy a vehicle?


A. you need to be on the job for atleast 3 months

C. You need valid ID's such as a Drivers license, Status Card, Birth certificate, passport or citizenship card

D. 2 recent paystubs

E. Full name and phone number of your Human Resource

2Q. Do I need a cosigner?

2A. If you have no credit reporting on your credit bureau, there are programs with Canadian Auto Finance that you can take advantage of. We have 4 major banks that work hand in hand with us that specialize in these types of situations. A down payment would make things easier for an approval.

3Q. How long does the process take?

3A. The process takes 3-5 business days.

Tips that can make things easier for you

1. Send us one piece of valid ID

2. Send 2 recent paystubs

3. Send us your pre authorized payment form or void cheque

4. If you have a trade please send us 4 pictures, serial number, and current bank payout.